In the early days of the Empire, most astral travel was done by the dragons themselves, who would haul massive, floating bases through the Starsea. Domesticated flying creatures, such as hippogriffs, were a common way for humanoids to travel within the planes themselves. As the Empire has grown, new cultures have brought their own techniques. Ruulu build engines to harness Uncleft vapors to propel lesser islands of Zendikar as enormous floating castles in the sky. Woodlings grow enchanted trees that are uprooted and cast into the astral plane as living, self-propelled vessels. Human sailing technology has proven remarkably well-suited for astral travel. Sailing ships can travel seamlessly through astral gates on the high seas, and when equipped with Uncleft magic circles, harness the ceaseless astral winds for propulsion while sailing through the void as easily as if it were water.

Regardless of their form, most starships are guided by “astral spirits,” or magical constructs that can communicate with their humanoid pilots and steer the ship. They feed off of Uncleft vapors and dwell in enchanted crystals. Most will psychically bond with whomever steers their ship and have limited sense of self.

Woodling Treeship

Ruulu-engineered Starship

Magic and Cosmology


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