Major Organizations

The corporatist nature of the Empire encourages the development of chartered companies, trade guilds, holy orders, and anything that organizes Imperial subjects to allow them to be better taxed and controlled. Underground organizations, on the other hand, are subject to the harshest punishments for defying the Warlords’ rule.

The Astral Guard is an order of paladins sworn to defend the innocent and keep the peace in the lawless reaches of the Starsea. Their sovereign lady is the white dragon Istinriya, Bearer of the Stars, whom they believe to be a divinely inspired leader.

The Bahamut Alliance is a rebel alliance that draws from all races – even dragonborn – dedicated to resisting the evil rule of Tiamat and seeking out the mythical golden dragons.

The Brotherhood of the Sword is the largest so-called “Humanist” organization – humans of Earth who openly resist Imperial rule. It includes knights, displaced nobles, and religious zealots. They are based deep in Lapland and wage guerilla warfare against Tiamat loyalists.

The Circle of Solomon is an esoteric order of sorcerers, warlocks, and other arcanists who experiment at the boundaries of arcane magic. They are frequently accused of crossing the line into black magic, so members often hide their allegiance in public.

The Gleemans’ Guilds are a shadowy network of thieves’ guilds and organized criminal gangs that operate across western Europe. They include many bards and rogues among their number and are thought to occasionally cooperate with royal spy networks.

The Holy Roman Inquisition is a feared instrument of the Holy Roman Emperor’s will. It nominally exists to prosecute heretics, but is used by the Vinestalkers to punish any disloyal Imperial subjects.

The Mannite Church is a heretic Christian church founded in the belief in the appearance of Christ to all races and all worlds. It is popular among the outcasts and the poor, humans and non-humans alike, and has led to a number of religiously motivated revolts across the Empire.

The* Newlands Company* is an Anglish chartered company that exists to encourage human settlement in other realms of the Alliance. It has a powerful interest in interdimensional travel and anything it can do to keep its colonists safe.

The Royal Guild of Thaumaturgy is the only officially sanctioned arcane college in Europe. All arcane spellcasters across Christendom are required to be licensed and regulated by the Academy. Wizards violate this monopoly at their own peril.

The Swiss Guard is a federation of mostly human mercenary companies with a reputation for bravery. They are based in the Swiss Confederacy and are found throughout the Empire.

The Starsea Trading Company is the largest chartered company in Christendom with an exclusive Imperial monopoly on any interdimensional trade with Christian nations. Its headquarters are in Rome and its members are among the most wealthy, powerful, and ruthless merchants of Europe.

The Wild Geese are the most famous free mercenary company in Europe who were founded in the Nordic city of Dubh Linn. Its members have included legendary adventurers and national heroes, both human and non-human, and to this day the Wild Geese can dominate a battlefield or form peerless strike teams.

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Major Organizations

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