Imperial Chronology

Time of Legends: ??? A.D.

The Imperium was created in the dawn of time, when Zendikar was whole and Tiamat watched over her children from the skies. With her blessing, the first Dragonriders and the first Wyrmspeakers laid the foundations for the Empire and created the first Starsea portals.

After a centuries-long war, Sarlona became the first world to fall to the Dragonborn. The newly interplanar Empire clashed with the Ruulu, eventually settling on peaceable trade that led to huge technological advances. Imperial Legions boarded starships, conquered freeholds, and their Warlords brought one world after another to their heel.

Dragonfall: 1006 – 1054 A.D.

Dragonrider Sulroth the Elder and the red wyrm Tyrinax were the first to discover Earth, a huge, heavily populated world rich in resources but nearly devoid of magic. For ten years, the duo traveled the new world in disguise, learning human languages and politics. Then, Sulroth spoke before the Flametongue council, famously claiming that with fifty dragonborn, he could subjugate all the plane.

The war that followed was long and brutal. Despite the overwhelming power of the true dragons, the armies of the Caliphate proved surprisingly resilient as all of the Muslim world united against the invaders. After more than thirty years of open warfare, the Flametongues crushed the last resistance and incorporated the Caliphate into their realm.

Crusades: 1054 – 1095 A.D.

The depleted Dragonborn armies then turned to the West, conquering the Christian kingdoms in their way. They stalled at the gates of Constantinople, where the armies of Christendom rallied to repel to armies of infidels and devils. A series of Crusades that spanned generations sealed the western border of the Caliphate and brought peace for a while.

At the same time, another wandering star in the sky announced the arrival of a second Shade. The Vinestalkers began a hidden campaign of treachery and politics that lasted decades. In the end, all the kings of Christendom were dead or in their thrall, and the green dragon Vermithrax presided over the crowning of the first Vinestalker Dragonrider as Lord Protector of Christendom.

Dracomundo: 1095 – 1147 A.D.

The success of the draconic invasion brought a long period of relative peace and stability to Earth. Conflicts and rivalry continued, but moderated by the desire of the Dragonborn not to see their vassals economically ruined. Imperial forts and settlements spread through the lands while human migrants and merchants began to travel throughout the Empire.

Xoriat Wars: 1147 – 1187 A.D.

The peace was shattered by the invasion of the Mind Lords, psychic alien beings who attacked Tiamat freeholds seemingly from nowhere. The Five Shades united for the first time in Imperial history, developing new vessels and techniques to combat the great beasts that flew through the Starsea with ease. This led to a frenzy of innovation and growth within the Empire at great cost of lives and resources. The last stage of conquest on Earth ended with the Stormcloud invasion of East Asia in the year 1181 A.D, spurred on by a need for slaves and tribute to fill the thinning Imperial Legions.

Aftermath: 1187 – 1192 A.D.

The Xoriat wars came to an abrupt end with the stunning victory at the gates of the Great Roost. Their Astral behemoths were destroyed by a renewed Imperial navy in a single heroic space battle and the Mind Lords forced to retreat to the Far Astral. An informal ceasefire took hold as the weakened Empire cautiously to watch its borders for their return. The new peace is fragile. Change is coming to the Empire. Untold mysteries from before the war remain. Campaign begins…

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Imperial Chronology

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