Draconic rule on the human world is based in the Flametongue’s dominance of the Caliphate, first conquered and most heavily colonized Imperial realm in Earth. Their Chief Dragonrider, Sulroth the Younger, rules with the red dragon Tyrinax as Warlord of the Abbasid Caliphate in the Arabian peninsula. His fellow Dragonriders control the Fatimid dynasty in North Africa, al-Andalus in Iberia, and the Great Seljuk Empire from Anatolia to Iran. They have built lavish palaces, dockyards, and military bases, which have seen extensive uses in over a hundred years of warfare on Earth.

To the west, the green dragon Vermithrax serves the Vinestalker Dragonrider Nessashi as Warlord of all Christendom and the Queen Protector of the Holy Roman Empire, which has grown to control most of Western and Central Europe. Her rival Vinestalkers control the Northlands, a Danish personal union of Northern Europe and the British Isles, the Grand Duchy of Kiev, a Slavic state in Eastern Europe, and the remnants of the Byzantine Empire, which was devastated in the Crusades. Imperial forts can be found near every major city and nonhuman subjects are relatively common, particularly in the North and West.

Lastly, the Stormclouds have most of Eastern Asia as their hunting grounds under the direction of Dysmas Dragonrider and the blue dragon Saluknir. The only major Dragonborn city in their territory is located in the Orkhon valley of the Mongol steppes. Other Dragonriders claim the regions of Bharat, Kampuchea, Zhongguo, and Nippon, but as Stormclouds, they prefer to demand tribute and raid their human subjects for entertainment rather than import Imperial society or built settlements.

The Seven Realms of Tiamat


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