Classes in the Starsea

Artificers practice a form of artifact-based magic based upon the innate magic of the Ruulu. In most lands, these casters learn their craft in specially sanctioned colleges, although “wild talents” may manifest in less developed lands. They are responsible for the Uncleft engines that power Imperial starships and bring magic to everyday life in cities.

Barbarians are the most widespread warrior tradition in the multiverse. They are particularly common among the Olthar tribes, but can be found among wild folk in Broceliande, and all manner of people in Earth. All they share is their distance from “civilization” and their embrace of the fury of battle.

Bards are usually humble, self-taught Gifted magicians most common in Broceliande, where gnomes blend artful music with subtle magic, and in Darguun, where hobgoblins have a long tradition of skalds in warfare. They are becoming popular on Earth, where traveling human minstrels and troubadours add spellcasting techniques to their repertoire.

Clerics are usually connected with organized religions, where they serve as members of militant religious orders or temple guards. They are more common in theocratic societies, such as the Saraasimar or Majnun, but their traditions have been enthusiastically adopted by the people of Earth. Clerics are highly prized as freelance spellcasters for their skill with healing and battle magic.

Druids originate in the Woodlings of Broceliande, where druidic practices are woven into their daily life and society. Similar nature-based spellcasting styles can be found among primitive tribes in nearly every world.

Fighters are the soldiers, mercenaries, knights, and warriors throughout the Empire. Most legionnaires are fighters, but fighters of all cultures share little aside from their marital skills.

Mystics are primarily the Sarashktar from Sarlona who practice a form of meditative magic. While Gifted psychics can manifest spontaneously anywhere, Sarashktar training is heavily restricted within and nonexistent outside of Sarlona.

Paladins are exceedingly rare, found only in independent military orders that dedicate their lives to the battle against the forces of evil, and are revered for their skill at arms and magic. The Majnun tend to follow the paladin’s call more than any other common race.

Rangers derive their magical customs from the Wardens of the Wild, Woodling and Gnome warriors with druidic magic, but they can be trackers, army scouts, and zealots of all kinds. Hobgoblins often practice a ranger tradition that binds them to their mounts and the land.

Rogues are as common as fighters and can be found in every major city in the multiverse. They can easily find work in both established thieves’ guilds or as traveling adventurers, treasure-hunters, or paid assassins.

Sorcerers are spellcasters who forgo academic training for raw magical power. They train to develop an intuitive connection with the Worldken, to the extent that they take on physical manifestations of their efforts. They are extremely popular in Zendikar, where Dragonborn sorcerers are found as priests and war mages alike.

Warlocks are a loosely-organized cabal of secretive spellcasters who originate among the Saralflings of Sarlona. They worship a variety of dark and indifferent gods and, in accordance with their ancient traditions, symbolically bind themselves to a particular god as their “patron” as they develop their craft.

Wizards are the archetypal scholar-mages, a Gifted tradition first forged among the Ivaldi of Barsoom. Nowadays, most study alongside artificers in formal schools of magic throughout the Empire, but lone or wandering wizards are not uncommon.

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Classes in the Starsea

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